The American Collectors of Infant Feeders was founded in 1973 by several people interested in the history and collecting of infant feeders. Our organization’s members collect many items related to the care and feeding of infants such as antique baby bottles and sterilizers, infant and/or invalid feeders and pap boats, infant formula and food tins, advertisements, trading cards and pictures.

The group meets annually, usually on the last full weekend in July, or more recently the second weekend in September, at a location of mutual interest. Members bring many unusual or rare items to show and share with other members, usually there is a presentation by a member on a certain type of feeder or a manufacturer, members donate items for our auction and there is also a sale. Most of all it is a chance renew friendships and to gather and discuss recent finds, current sources and prices of collectibles and the history of old feeders. 

ACIF Constitution and Bylaws:

President                           Metty Thomason   
Vice President                   Jody Woodward     
Treasurer                          Charna Sansbury   
Secretary                           Jinny Brodsky        
Other ACIF Contacts:
Newsletter Editor               Charlie Harris         
Historian                            Teresa Harris          
Past President                   Teresa Davis