The 2019 ACIF annual convention was held in Southport, North Carolina with Brenda and Jim Rewalt as the hosts. Once again Teresa Davis designed our wonderful name badges.

Dinner at the pier - on Oak Bridge Island

Fun Fund Auction - Metty Thomason is the auctioneer and Charna Sansbury is the bundler and runner!

Don LaFont presented on Willow Ware Medical Ceramics

Bob Beckerer presented on medical tools used in the late 1800s. Jody Woodward is intriged with the item used to "blow smoke up the anus" to cure all sorts of illnesses

Brenda and her wonderful collection!

Don demonstrates a breast shaped bottle

Wooden feeders

Brenda and daughter Donna who helped host the convention with her parents

Baby rattles and teethers

Metal feeders and glass feeders with metal nipples

Trembleuse - cup with raised well on the saucer for use by those with shakey hands

Jody Woodward and another interesting find - a bourdaloue (or victorian era woman's urinal)

Sandy Johnson and Dick Eaton

Tina and David Cox

Mark and Kathy Blackman

Metty Thomason

Teresa and Heyward David

Charna Sansbury

Joyce and Don LaFont

Bob Beckerer, Jr.

Elaine Gress on right with friend Donna

More pictures of Brenda's collection!