Jody Woodward gave a humorous presentation on suppositories!

The 2018 ACIF annual convention was held in Novi, Michigan with Sandy Johnson and Dick Eaton (and their grandson) as the hosts. Teresa Davis designed our supped up baby buggy name tags.

Bob and Jinny Brodsky run a great Fun Fund Auction

Everyone gathers at Sandy and Dick's home for a delicious lunch and to view Sandy's collection

Sale items:

2018 Convention Attendees

Charna Sansbury

Joyce and Don LaFont and their friend Sandra from England

Bob and Jinny Brodsky

Christy Caldwell

Dick Eaton and Sandy Johnson

Metty Thomason

Jody Woodward

Elaine Gress

Brenda and Jim Rewalt

Bob Beckerer, Jr.

Mark and Kathy Blackman